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What Is A Permit Technician?

The Permit Technician Profession is often referred to as the “front counter staff”. This position has varied job titles but generally is considered the first person the customer comes in contact with. Duties for this profession may include; answering building code and zoning questions, intake, coordination and issuance of construction and other related permits, some degree of construction plan review, records management and customer and staff support. 

It is important to note that customer service plays an integral part of this position and because of that the permit technician position is required to be skilled in various customer service techniques in order to effectively represent his/her organization. 

Training and education for this profession may include; a proficiency in construction terminology, understanding and interpretation a wide variety of construction drawings and other related documents, skills in applying code requirements to such construction materials and general to specific knowledge of building and other related codes and ordinances. The use of various technology dealing with permit tracking software and general office practices are also basic requirements of this position. 

The Permit Technician position is a valuable member of the office team environment. By possessing a wide variety of knowledge in different areas this profession provides a resource for both customer and staff during the permit process. It is up to all of us to promote our profession and encourage increased visibility to ensure the awareness of our role as Permit Technicians is recognized within our communities, nationally and among our peers as a viable profession.